Simple but Special

These recipes come together quickly or can be whipped up ahead, so you’re ready whenever your holiday guests arrive.

Appetizer Must-Haves

Meat, Cheese & Be Merry

Spend less time cooking and more time making memories. Serve up a mix of easy-to-make and ready-to-serve items for maximum delight with minimal effort.

Small bites are a fun and tasty way to please every palate in the room. These top tips make serving apps a success — whether they’re an array of hot-from-the-oven bites or a cool cheese-and-charcuterie platter (or both!).

Hot Tips for Warm Apps

Bake in batches and replenish trays often.

Tour the room with oven-fresh apps so guests can enjoy them while they’re hot.

Running out of platters? Serve apps on a cutting board.

Cool Ways to Make an Amazing Board

Offer a mix of hard and soft cheeses, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Brie and goat cheese.

Serve a variety of meat and seafood options to offer contrasting flavours and textures.

Don’t forget toppers and garnishes — like jams, nuts, fruits, pickles and olives — to round out your spread.